Course and Details

When is the race?

The race is on Sunday, October 1st and will begin at 10am. Racers will start at the top of Windham Mountain, and will begin the race in one minute increments (similar to a downhill race). A more detailed schedule with start times will be posted before race day.

What’s the course?

The Best Cyclist in the Universe race course consists of three stages. The race begins at the top of Windham Mountain where racers will descend the Batavia Skills run  and continue down to transition zone one (3.2 miles). Racers will then transition to the road portion, which totals 16.5 miles and includes two dirt road climbs. The road portion ends at the Windham Path, where transition zone 2 is located. From there, racers will commence the 12 mile cross-country ride in the Elm Ridge trail system. The race will finish at the Windham Path,  near transition zone 2.

For more detail, see the race segments on Strava: Enduro, Road, Cross-Country.


How many bikes do I need?

The race can be completed on one, two, or three bikes. Racers may leave their bikes at the transition zones on the morning of the race, but race personnel will NOT transport any bicycles from transition zone 1 to transition zone 2. If racers wishes to use the same bike for both mountain segments, they MUST arrange their own bike transport. All bikes must be in position prior to 10am on race day.

Windham Mountain will rent downhill bikes to racers at the special low rate of $30. Call 518-734-4300 to arrange reservations.

How do the transitions work?

There are two transition zones, in this race. Transitions WILL be timed.

Transition zone 1 is in the parking lot of Windham Mountain where riders transition from the enduro stage to the road stage.

The second transition zone is located at the Windham Path parking lot on Route 23. Here, riders will transition from the road stage to the cross country stage of the race. The finish line is located adjacent to transition zone 2.


More questions?

Call Windham Mountain Outfitters at (518)734-4700. Charlie or Nick will be able to answer any of your questions.

You can also email Nick at