Race Info and Rules


Pre-registration packages can be picked up at Windham Mountain Outfitters Saturday (9/30) from 11am 7pm or Sunday morning at 8:00am at Windham Mountain Resort (2nd floor).

Each team and each solo racer will receive only ONE race number. This race number will be on an elastic belt and warn around the racers waist with the number facing the front of the bike. Solo racers will keep this on them from start to finish. Teams will use this belt as a relay baton. Team racers will exchange this belt to their teammate in the transition zones. Your number and belt will travel through the entire race from start to finish, whether you are a team or a solo racer.

Racers must place their bicycles in each transition zones by 10am of the race day (10/1)

Transition zones and finish line

Transition Zone 1 (enduro stage to road stage) will be located in the bottom parking lot of Windham Mountain near the Alpine Spa. All bike racks will be numbered. These numbers will correspond with race numbers. Each racer will stage their bike and any additional items in the rack that is assigned (marked with race number). As racers enter the transition zone, they will cross a line, after the first line, racers need to dismount their bike and shout their race number! Before crossing the second line, racers must be off their bike. Racers will then walk or run into the transition zone to change bikes or pass their belt.

Transition Zone 2 (road stage to cross country stage) is located at the Windham Path parking lot on State Route 23 in Windham. (approximately 2.3 miles from Transition Zone 1). As racers enter the transition zone, they will cross a line, after the first line, racers need to dismount their bike and shout their race number. Before crossing the second line, racers must be off their bike. Racers will then walk or run into the transition zone to change bikes or pass their belt.

The final finish line will be located next to transition zone 2. All awards will be at the big tent between the finish line and transition zone 2. Parking for this area will be in the field in the middle of the path, please be careful driving across the Path as the race will be taking place! In the event of the rain parking will be along State Route 23 (on the shoulder). The finish line area will have a DJ/announcer and a food truck.

Start Times

The first racer will start at 10am. Racers will then begin every minute (1 minute increments) similar to a down hill race start. Thursday night by 10pm start times for each category will be posted. Each category will have a time to report to the start to prepare for their race time. Please be sure to account for the 10 minute chairlift ride to the top of Windham Mountain (start). You will not be charged for the lift ticket, your race number will get you on the chairlift.

Because we have no seeding runs, we will question each racer in your category and work with your fellow racers to start the faster enduro racers first and the slower or less aggressive endure racers last in their category. If we are unsure of an order, we go with the fast colors first!

After groups start order is determined, final race instructions will be given.

General Rules

Racers can choose to use any bike (e-bikes prohibited) of their choice for each stage. If a racer decides to use the same bike for all three stages, they will not qualify for the transition time award.

In the event of a mechanical breakdown, racers may fix their bikes during the race. They can choose to carry tools or not. If they want help fixing their bike(s) in or near the transition zones, they can receive help from others.

Support vehicles are not allowed on the race course. Please do not follow a racer in a vehicle (or bike). If a racer breaks down on course and he or she cannot finish that stage, a race vehicle will pick them up. They will need to let the timers know that they did not finish the race.

All roads will be open to vehicle traffic! Racers must stay to the far right side of the road and ride with traffic. The course will be marked with painted arrows before and during each turn. Each turn will be marked with volunteers and emergency personnel at key intersections, however racers are ultimately responsible to know the course. At all key intersections, race personnel will attempt to yield on coming cars and give the right of way to the racer, HOWEVER, you are responsible for following the rules of the road. In the event of an emergency, race personnel cannot cover all intersections, racers must yield to traffic if needed.

If a racer uses the same bike in the enduro stage (stage 1) as the cross country stage (stage 3) racers must have someone transport their bike (a helper) from transition zone 1 to transition zone 2.

Enduro Course:

If during the enduro stage, a racer is overtaken by a following racer, they must do their best to allow the faster racer to pass. If a racer wishes to pass another, they must announce their intended time and area of passage. For example: “On the next straight, I will pass on your left”.

The enduro course will be taped and the route unambiguous. The final section to the parking will be taped the morning of the race so, this section will be unavailable to practice. This new section will be safe and as predictable as possible, most of this added section will be on grass and pitched downhill.

Road Course:

There is no drafting during the road stage. If you catch another racer, you must overtake them or stay far enough behind them that you do not benefit from their draft. The Best Cyclist in the Universe does not need to draft!

Each turn will be marked with paint on the road before and at each interaction. Again, racers must stay to the right and follow the rules of the road. There are two dirt road climbs. The end of the road stage will turn right onto a dirt driveway as you enter the Windham Path parking lot. Be careful.

Cross Country Course:

This stage will start with 2 miles of pavement along State Route 23 (there is a wide shoulder). You will turn right onto the trails at Elm Ridge and the course will be marked and taped. The trails are open to the public! Please tell any causal walkers or riders that you are racing if you happen to approach any. Although the trail will be marked, you are responsible to know the course. As you descend on the final trail (North Face) you will exit off the trail and ride 2 miles of paved roads back to the Windham Path. You will enter the Windham Path by turning right off the shoulder of Route 296, crossing a field and entering the Windham Path. Follow the path to the right and continue 1.2 miles to the FINISH LINE.